Project Management Philosophy


Dan’s four professional certifications provide him and his clients with multiple frameworks from which to explore ways to manage change and complexity within an organization and across an enterprise.

Think, plan and act strategically:

• He is consistently focused on how any initiative fulfills or dilutes the strategic plan or the project charter.

• Dan engages in frequent and open communications using various communication mediums to reach different target audiences as needed to keep a project moving and stakeholders informed. He is also adept at the appropriate use of PPM document repositories with useable executive dashboard.

• He is vigilant about consistently identifying issues, prioritizing them and addressing them before they become unmanageable risks.

• The biggest asset Dan brings besides the experience and best practices is the ability to work on a team as team member and to have the ability to understand and translate information across knowledge silos between executives, the business, operations and technologists.

• In terms of leadership style he engenders trust with colleagues by being open and honest, trying to treat everyone with the same level of respect and fairness.  This approach consistently contributes to project stability and optimum efficiency.